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* Listing agent fee to be $2,500, a buyer agent fee will be offered in addition
* Real estate services provided by agents licensed in state of Iowa – Brokered By IAHomesRealty; Licensed Broker In Iowa; Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Thinking of selling your home?  Tired of hearing you have to sell it this way or that way?  At IAHomes it is Your Home Your Way.  Let us talk to you about the pros and cons of selling your home different ways and let you decide the best route for you to sell your home.

IAHomes provides everything you need to sell your home for sale.  We can list your homes for sale by owner (FSBO) or for sale by agent (FSBA) as your Realtor.. From professional photos, market analysis, contact assistance, signs, marketing on premier sites like IAHomes, Zillow, etc. we provide you the tools to sell Your Home Your Way!

Review these steps and check out listing options below:

Step 1: Discuss Options

  • Contact IAHomes to discuss pros and cons of selling by owner or by agent.

Step 2: Start Your Listing

  • Get the process of listing your home started.  When doing by owner you would upload your information on our website here:
  • When selling by agent you would work with us to complete the listings contract.
  • During this time IAHomes will also provide you a market analysis to give you in depth knowledge of what is happening in the market in general but also at the price, location, etc that your home will be at.

Step 3: Prepare Home For Pictures

  • You’ve probably heard the importance of curb appeal to a home.  In today’s market almost every buyer will see your home online before they step foot in it, your photos are like your curb appeal.  They are the first impression buyers will have.  That is why we hire a professional photo company to take photos of your home.  You should prepare your home for photos as if a buyer was coming to look at your home.
  • We also offer our clients a 3D tour which is the latest way for buyers to see a home in more detail at their convenience.

 Step 4: Showing Your Home

  • Your home is for sale and a buyer wants to come through your home.  Prepare your home to be seen by the buyer.
  • When selling by owner you will show the by the home.
  • When selling by agent the buyers agent will show the home.

 Step 5: Offer

  • You got an offer!  Now what do you do.  At IAHomes contract assistance is included with your package! Give us a call and we will work with you and your buyer to get the purchase agreement signed!
  • When selling by owner our contract assistance gets you from point of offer to signed purchase contract.
  • When selling by agent we take care of the negotiations and contract paperwork as your listing agent.

 Step 6: Closing

  • You have an accepted offer and it’s time to get your home closed!  No matter how you sell your home IAHomes will take care of you to make sure we get you to the finish line and get your proceeds check to you!