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HouseForSale-Money-Sign-EditedYou want to keep as much of your equity as you can when you sell your home. At IAHomes we not only understand this but we also encourage and support you. Since 2003 we have been helping clients sell their homes by owner. What sets our “by owner” services apart is our team has decades of experience to help assist you through this process. Through our thorough listings consultation we will help you understand the real estate process as well as answer questions and concerns that you have.

Some common concerns our clients have before listing their home for sale are “What Is My Home Worth?” and “What Do I Do If I Get An Offer?”  Because we have licensed real estate agents on staff we can help with both of those needs, unlike other places.

What’s My Home Worth: This is a very important question. You want to get the most you can out of your home but also don’t want the home on the market in 6 months and having had to drop the price several times. We can provide you with a market analysis that will help you see what other comparable homes have sold for and also let you see who your competition is for the next buyer looking at homes like yours.

What Do I Do If I Get An Offer: You have received an offer …now what? How do you get from a buyer saying they like the home and would like to make an offer to the point you get the check for your equity and you hand them the keys? This can be a hang up for people thinking about selling by owner and for people who are trying to sell by owner. With our Contract To Close service we can take care of this for you.  We have dedicated staff who are licensed real estate agents who can step in to get you from the interested buyer all the way through to closing.