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Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a realtor when selling or buying a home that would talk to you about all the options and not just what they want to offer you, because it will benefit them the most?

What if you were selling your home and could talk to a real estate expert about the pros and cons of selling by owner or using a real estate agent?

What if when looking for homes you had a real estate agent agent who would help you look for homes listed with realty companies and that were for sale by owner? There are many great options

Welcome to IAHomes, the only company that strives to provide you with ALL of your options in today’s real estate market. At IAHomes, our licensed realtors will work with you on achieving your real estate goals by discussing what you are looking for in a new home, why you are looking for a house, what is your budget, and when you hope to be moving in. Our real estate agents will start an honest conversation about what we see in the market, what options are out there, and how we can help you achieve your goals in buying or selling your property.

With our IAHomesForSale division working to help you sell by owner and our IAHomesRealty division providing complete real estate agent services, we offer real estate coverage and expertise that will allow you to be as involved as you want, or as uninvolved as you want in the home-buying and selling process